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A quick way to convert Microsoft Excel spreadsheets into JSON files.


Excel-To-JSON is an executable Windows application that sweeps all Microsoft Excel spreadsheets in the same working directory then convert them into JSON files.

Getting started

  1. Put ExcelToJSON.exe in any directory, such as D:\temp.
  2. Put your Excel files in the same directory as above, that is D:\temp.
  3. Run ExcelToJSON.exe once.
Wait a moment. An application will generate JSON files with the same name but have *.json extension.

The JSON structure will be a hash object containing arrays of the sheet content, each array represents a sheet row and each array member represents a sheet cell.
    "Sheet 1": [
      ["A1", "B1"],
      ["A2", "B2"]
    "Sheet 2": [
      ["A1", "B1"],
      ["A2", "B2"]    


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